May 29, 2023
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Carnival Magic 2018 Carnival Magic 2019 Pre-cruise planning We booked this cruise in...Read More JoshJune 1, 2018 You can click the above post to read our pre-cruise and cruise trip. We were heading to Orlando as soon as we disembarked our cruise ship.  Orlando, FloridaDay 11 We had reserved a shuttle from the cruise terminal to the Orlando Airport since that’s...

Carnival Magic 2018

Carnival Magic 2019 Pre-cruise planningWe booked this cruise in January 2017. I emailed my PVP at Carnival and told her what I wanted and we booked it. I always book through her because she lets me know of cabins that aren’t on the Carnival website. She knows the type of cabins we like and helps me get the best one.As soon as we booked it, I went ahead and...


Cozumel, Mexico Cozumel was one port that I was excited about going to. We had reservations for Mr. Sancho’s that we made months prior to our cruise. I made reservations directly through Mr. Sancho’s for a $20 deposit with $165 due when we arrived for a total of $185.00 USD ($mex 3,677.12 pesos). This was for the all inclusive day pass which is all you...