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Cruise Loyalty Levels

Cruise Loyalty

Carnival Cruise Lines offers a loyalty program called the VIFP Club, which has five levels: Blue, Red, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. These levels have perks such as priority boarding and disembarkation, free gifts, and access to exclusive events.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines offers the Crown & Anchor Society, which also has five levels: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle Club. Perks include priority check-in, access to exclusive lounges and events, and discounts on cruises.

Norwegian Cruise Lines has the Latitudes Rewards program, which has six levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus, and Ambassador. Perks include priority embarkation and disembarkation, onboard discounts, and access to exclusive lounges and parties.

Each loyalty program offers its own set of benefits and perks designed to reward frequent cruisers. The higher the level, the more exclusive and valuable the perks become. These loyalty programs are a way to encourage repeat business and build strong relationships with customers.


Carnival VIFP

For each night that you sail with Carnival, you receive 1 point.

You will also be able to tell which level you are by the color of your sail & sign card. Your very first sailing, you will receive a blue card, which means you’re in the blue VIFP level.

Your 2nd sailing through your 24th night, you will have a red sail & sign card. On your 25th cruise night through your 74th cruise night, you’ll have a gold sail & sign card. On your 75th cruise night through your 199th cruise night, you’ll have a platinum colored sail & sign card. On your 200th night, you will receive a diamond card.

If you change levels on a cruise, you will receive the higher level card on embarkation. For instance say you’ve sailed 20 nights and you’re taking a 7 day cruise. You will automatically be moved up to a gold level card when you embark.

Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society

The Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society is a loyalty program designed to reward guests for their loyalty and repeated business with the cruise line. Members of the program receive several benefits for each level they reach based on the number of cruises they have taken with the cruise line. Basic benefits include priority check-in, onboard discounts, and access to exclusive events. As members move up the levels, they receive additional benefits including free Wi-Fi, guaranteed seating in the main dining room, and free laundry services. Members can also earn points that can be redeemed for free cruises and upgraded staterooms. Overall, the Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society offers a variety of benefits that enhance the cruise experience and incentivize guests to continue traveling with the cruise line.

Norwegian Latitudes

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Latitudes loyalty program is designed to reward their most loyal customers with exclusive perks and benefits. There are six tiers within the Latitudes program, with each level offering increasingly valuable rewards. To become a member, guests must complete their first Norwegian Cruise Line voyage.

The benefits of the Latitudes program include priority check-in and disembarkation, complimentary internet minutes, priority restaurant reservations, and complimentary laundry service. Members can also access exclusive onboard events and receive discounts on future cruise bookings.

To move up the levels within the Latitudes program, guests must earn points for each night they spend onboard and for every dollar they spend on certain onboard purchases. Members can also earn bonus points for booking specialty dining packages and excursions.

Overall, the Norwegian Cruise Line Latitudes program is a great way for frequent cruisers to receive exclusive rewards and benefits for their loyalty.