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Faster To The Fun

Faster to the Fun with Carnival is a program that allows passengers to enjoy priority boarding and other special perks to enhance their cruising experience. The program includes priority check-in, early access to staterooms, priority luggage delivery, and dedicated guest services.

These benefits allow passengers to skip long lines, settle into their rooms earlier, and start enjoying their vacation right away. The program is especially popular among frequent Carnival cruisers who enjoy the added convenience and efficiency it provides. While there is an additional fee for Faster to the Fun, many passengers find it to be worth the cost and highly recommend it to other cruisers.

Faster To The Fun can be purchased in your cruise manager under your home port excursions. In my experience, Faster To The Fun typically goes on sale 12-18 months prior to your sail date. There are very limited amount of spots available for purchase and they do sell out. 

Faster To The Fun allotment is controlled by priority capacity. A few slots may open closer to your sail date, depending on how many diamond and platinum cruisers there are. 

If it’s sold out, still check several times each day as a slot may open up. Also, check when your final payment is due as someone that may have purchased it may miss their final payment. 

Without Faster To The Fun, you will stand in queue with everyone else and wait your turn. This includes at embarkation, tendering, and guest services. 

To me, it was always worth it because I take 48 cans of soda with us and I don’t want to carry it around all morning. Without Faster To The Fun, your cabin will be aready after 1:30pm. 

Faster To The Fun starts at $59.95 per cabin. Only 1 guest in the cabin needs to purchase it, and everyone in the cabin receives the benefits. 


What it includes

Priority security, check-in and boarding

With Faster to the Fun, guests can skip the regular check-in line and go through a designated priority line, which can save a significant amount of time. Additionally, they can board the ship before other guests, which means they can start enjoying their vacation sooner.

The program is especially helpful for guests who have limited time or who want to start their vacation off on the right foot with a stress-free check-in process.

Faster To The Fun guests board after back-to-back guests, wedding parties, VIFP diamond, VIFP platinum and guests traveling in deluxe suite accommodations. 

With thousands of people boarding any ship on embarkation day, it can take hours to get everyone boarded. With Faster To The Fun, you bypass most of these passengers. That also means you will be able to get to the food before most board the ship. 

Priority guest services line

One of the benefits of this program is priority service at guest services. This means that if you have purchased Faster to the Fun, you will be able to skip the usual line and receive immediate attention from the guest services staff, saving you time and avoiding potential frustration from waiting in line.

Additionally, having priority service at guest services can be useful if you have any questions or concerns during your trip that require assistance from the ship’s staff.

The first day of a cruise and the last day guest services can be extremely busy with a queue waiting well over an hour. Don’t waste your vacation standing in line.

Priority luggage delivery

Your luggage can take several hours to arrive to your cabin normally. There are thousands of pieces of luggage to be distributed on the ship on embarkation day. It can be late at night before all luggage is delivered.

With Faster To The Fun, your luggage is given priority and will arrive earlier than most. You will be able to unpack and relax before most even have their luggage.

Priority dining time choice

Priority Dinner Time Assignment: FTTF guests will be cleared after VIFP Platinum guests.
This benefit does not include specific time reservations for ‘Your Time Dining’. If you booked your cruise late and your preferred dining time is waitlisted, you will be priority to be moved to your preferred dining time. 

Early stateroom access

One of the perks of FTTF is that it provides early access to staterooms on embarkation day. This means that you can drop your bags off, freshen up, and start enjoying all the activities and amenities on the ship sooner. Plus, you’ve had a very busy morning driving, flying, embarking, etc. You probably want to get somewhere and relax. You won’t have to wait until 1:30pm like everyone else. 

Priority water shuttle

You will have priority tender service from ship to shore (multiple departure times may be possible) so you can explore ashore as quickly as you want to.
When ready to go ashore, if not on a Carnival shore excursion, present yourself at the Guest Services Desk.

Priority debarkation

Everyone is in a hurry to debark the ship on the last day for some strange reason. That means thousands of people trying to leave at the same time, causing a very long wait. Faster To The Fun helps eliminate some of that stress. You will have a lower number luggage tag on debarkation morning so you can debark the ship quicker, get in your car or Uber and be on your way.