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Charlotte 45°F Freezing fog

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina is not just any ordinary city. It is actually the largest in the state and the 16th biggest in the United States in terms of population, with over 872,000 proud residents who call it home. It is truly an economic powerhouse, as it has a fast-growing business sector with major industries that thrive in banking, healthcare, and energy. Did you know that it has been dubbed as the “Queen City”? It bears this moniker because of the elegance and grace it exudes. But, it’s not just that – there are also some enticing tourist attractions and notable landmarks that the locals and visitors can take pleasure in. Have you heard of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the Mint Museum, and U.S. National Whitewater Center? They are all located in Charlotte! In addition, the city boasts a thriving sports community, with many of its professional teams like the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and NBA’s Charlotte Hornets playing at the famous Spectrum Center. Rest assured that foodies, arts lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike will never be bored in Charlotte. There are various food and drink scenes, cultural centers and galleries that feature the work of local artists, as well as parks and green spaces scattered around for people to appreciate. It’s no wonder why people flock to Charlotte – it has so much to offer!

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina

April 7, 2018 Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina

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