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Bonaire 2023

Love2Cruise Bonaire 7.19.23 We docked in Bonaire on time and were ready to get the day started. We were in port from 8am until 10pm and like the other 2 ports we had been here before so we knew what to expect. We had reserved a golf cart through Bonaire Cruisers back on February 7, […]

Curacao 2023

Love2Cruise Curacao 7.20.23 Today is Thursday and it’s time for Curacao! We have a short port day today, we’re only in port from 8a-5p. Like the other ports though, we’ve been here many times. We have a guy on the island we use every time we come here. His name is Elmer and he’s fantastic! […]

Aruba 2023

Love2Cruise Aruba 7.18.23 We’ve been to Aruba several times so we knew what to expect and what we were doing. I wanted to rent a UTV again and spend the day at the beach since we’ve seen all of the island including Flamingo Island. I contacted Off Road Evolution Aruba which is who we just […]

Carnival Celebration 2023

Love2Cruise We were on the fence about booking this cruise from the beginning. During 2020 and 2021 when cruises were halted from Covid, we were flying to the Dominican Republic for our vacations because we weren’t letting Covid stop us from enjoying life and vacationing.. We were really debating going back to Punta Cana this […]

Carnival Horizon Cruise 2022

Select a location to jump to that section in the post: Raleigh | Miami | Embarkation| Aruba | Bonaire | Curacao | Ft. Lauderdale Beach | The Fun Times Aruba, Bonaire, & Curaçao from Miami We cruised last month on the Sunshine which was fun, but it was a last minute cruise and wasn’t the […]

Curacao 2022

Curacao, June 2 2022 We have been to Curaçao before so I knew what to expect. The last time we went in 2019 we did an island tour with VIP Tours Curaçao but my youngest was sick then and didn’t enjoy it as much because of that.  This year, I wanted him to see the […]

Bonaire 2022

BonaireJune 1, 2022 This was our first time to Bonaire in all of our cruises. I am so glad we were able to book the ABC islands.  When I booked this cruise, I knew we wanted a golf cart to explore the island, and I knew that they sold out pretty quick. I booked 2 […]

Aruba 2022

ArubaMay 31, 2022 We have been to Aruba before, so we knew what to expect. Last time we were in Aruba, we spent the day at Flamingo Island which is the private island with flamingos. It was fun, but this time we wanted something more fun and adventurous. I ended up booking a 6 seater […]

2019- Grand Turk

Grand Turk Turks & Caicos In case you stumbled upon this page without reading the days leading up to this port stop, check out the blog post below.  2019- Carnival Magic If you stumbled upon this page without reading from the beginning, you can catch up Monday, May 27, 2019 Memorial Day We arrived in […]

2019- Carnival Magic

If you stumbled upon this page without reading from the beginning, you can catch up on our vacation by reading the blog entry below. That way you’ll know what happened Monday-Friday. 2019- Ft. Lauderdale June 7, 2019Aruba, Carnival Magic2019, Curacao, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Half Moon Cay, Miami, Florida, Port Saturday, May 25, 2019 Embarkation Day! […]