May 24, 2023
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Tag - Inner Harbor

Carnival Legend 2022

Bermuda on the Carnival Legend from Baltimore We have not cruised since June, so we had a month between cruises. In June we did the ABC Islands on the Carnival Horizon out of Miami with the kids. So this month, we wanted to do something as a couple. We always take a trip in July without the kids for our anniversary. This year, we chose Bermuda! This was a short...

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland Let’s be honest, there isn’t too much to Baltimore. We went back this year and took the kids to Inner Harbor and man was I disappointed. Inner Harbor use to be a happening place. Tons of people, lively mall with lots of shops, things going on. Man it was dead.The shops have all closed, the mall is dead, not many people around the area. Very sad to...