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Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas

Friday, June 9 2023

Our “Perfect Day” at CocoCay wasn’t so perfect. We woke up and went to breakfast in the main dining room. Everyone was supposed to be let off of the ship at 11am. As The Key guests, we were supposed to meet at 10:40 to get off priority. After breakfast, I told my family let’s go down to queue up early so we can get off first. However about 10:20, they let people off so we weren’t priority getting off; everyone who was just standing around was. It wasn’t a huge deal, just frustrating.

We got off of the ship and walked to South Beach in the rain so we could get seats front row by the ocean. My son played in the sand for a few minutes, then got in the beach. That lasted about 15 minutes until it started pouring down rain. It was raining so hard. We ended up going back to the ship and drying off.

The sun came out, so we decided to go back out again to the island to see things. As soon as we got to the pool, the sky opened up and it was raining sideways. I hadn’t been in that type of tropical downpour in years. We ran back to the ship to get dry. We ended up getting in the hot tub and relaxing for a bit, and watching the movie that was playing on deck.

We ended up going to Windjammer to grab lunch. After we ate lunch, the sun was out, again. My wife and I decided to go to the island once more. The kids wanted to stay on the ship, so they did. Her and I went and walked around. We walked to the straw market so I could buy a magnet. All of the magnets were $15+. No way in hell I am paying $15 for a magnet. We took a few photos and ended up just coming back to the ship. It was a miserable day at CocoCay.

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