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Costa Maya, Mexico

We arrived at Costa Maya, Mexico and disembarked around noon. As soon as we disembarked, we walked the long pier into the cruise terminal. The cruise terminal was packed once we got to the end of the pier. Everyone was going here and going there. A lot of people had Carnival sponsored excursions so I think that’s what was bottle necking everything.

Once we got through the mass of people, we made our way through the cruise terminal to find the exit. Once we finally found the exit, it was very easy to catch a taxi. We got our taxi and headed to Yaya Beach Club. The cost was $7 for the 4 of us. I gave the guy a $10 and told him to keep the change. (This would be $mex 199 pesos).

The cab ride there wasn’t bad at all. It was a short drive and the driver was cool, calm and collective.

Yaya Beach Club
Costa Maya

I had booked Yaya Beach Club through Shore Excursioneer prior to our cruise after doing some research. The cost for this was $119.96 USD which was for 2 adults and 2 kids for the premium non-alcoholic drink and snack package. This included all you wanted to drink as well as lunch.

If you follow my blog you know I am a picky eater, so I just ordered some nachos. They weren’t bad but the plate was HUGE. It was enough for everyone there.

We made this our beach day and just laid by the ocean taking it all in. The kids played in the ocean and the sand all day. Our waitress kept us with plenty of drinks.

The only complaint I really have about Yaya Beach is the people walking through trying to sell you crap. Literally every 30 seconds someone came by trying to sell something. That really turned us off but I think that’s at all beaches in Mexico.

I did take a walk through town and one guy offered me marijuana, cocaine or beautiful girls. Anything I wanted. It was kind of funny. Then there was a store nearby that sold pretty much any American RX that you wanted for cheap prices.

Also just like in Florida, there was a ton of sea weed around. They were however trying to clean it up to no avail. They were raking it up and putting it in wheel barrows and taking it off but it just came right back. I guess the storms last year stirred up all of the sea weed?

After we had spent enough time at the beach, we decided we wanted to go shop in port for a little bit so we grabbed a taxi and headed back to the port. We had our waitress get us a taxi and off we went, getting the sights of Costa Maya on the way back. This taxi driver was crazy though!! I think we hit 90mph a few times. We weren’t even in any hurry! The cost was the same as getting to Yaya Beach.

Once we got back to port, we stopped in a few shops but the only thing we bought was a magnet and some vanilla. There were just too many people in the tiny shops. Very crowded! We ended up walking back to the ship around 5p to get ready for dinner. We were in port until 8p (7p local time).

Overall we had a good day in Costa Maya. The weather was hot and sunny but we just relaxed and took it all in. This was our first port on vacation so we wanted to relax. Now it’s time to actually relax on the ship after dinner because our next stop is Isla Roatan in Honduras!