February 2, 2023
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VIFP Program

Most large companies have some sort of loyalty program in place to keep guests returning to receive certain benefits for their continued business. Carnival is no different. Carnival has their VIFP Club, or Very Important Fun Person. 

For each night that you sail with Carnival, you receive 1 point.

You will also be able to tell which level you are by the color of your sail & sign card. Your very first sailing, you will receive a blue card, which means you’re in the blue VIFP level. 

Your 2nd sailing through your 24th night, you will have a red sail & sign card. On your 25th cruise night through your 74th cruise night, you’ll have a gold sail & sign card. On your 75th cruise night through your 199th cruise night, you’ll have a platinum colored sail & sign card. On your 200th night, you will receive a diamond card. 

If you change levels on a cruise, you will receive the higher level card on embarkation. For instance say you’ve sailed 20 nights and you’re taking a 7 day cruise. You will automatically be moved up to a gold level card when you embark. 

VIFP Levels

VIFP Levels

Carnival Cruise Lines

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