August 11, 2022
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Costa Maya

Costa Maya, Mexico
Bienvenida A Costa Maya!

Costa Maya is a small tourist region in the municipality of Othón P. Blanco in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, the only state bounded by the Caribbean Sea to its east.

This municipality is close to Chetumal (capital of the state) on the border with Belize. The area was generally undeveloped but has been growing rapidly since construction of a large pier to accommodate cruise ships.

Costa Maya is also the name of a subdivision near the village of Mahahual. The beach extends from Xcalak in the south to the southern border of Sian Ka’an in the north, a distance of approximately 100 kilometers 

Size: 13,207 mi² (Quintana Roo)

Languages: Mayan Yucatecan, Spanish

Currency: Mexican Pesos

Cruise Port: Costa Maya (man-made)

Our time in Costa Maya (Blog entries)

Arriving in Costa Maya

Costa Maya is a man-made port and is very large. There are lots of places to shop and restaurants in the port area and also a pool. This is a very nice port area for those who do not want to leave.

However there are lots of options once you leave the cruise port. To leave the cruise port you follow the winding walkway to the end where you exit. This is where you will find lots of taxis to take you wherever you want to go in Quintana Roo. 

Things to do in Costa Maya

I personally like Yaya Beach Club, as described  above. There are lots of beach clubs, ruins, and other things to do in Costa Maya though. Just exit the port area, find a taxi and be on your way. Here are some of the top things to do in Costa Maya:  

  1. Beach Escape Club
  2. Maya Chan Beach
  3. Yaya Beach 
  4. Pez Quadro Beach Club
  5. Mahahual Fishing Village
  6. Dolphin Discovery
  7. Swimming Pool
  8. Aviarius 
  9. Flamingo Sanctuary
  10. Snorkeling / Power snorkeling
  11. SCUBA diving
  12. Snuba Diving
  13. Catamarans
  14. Glass bottom boats
  15. Seven Colors Lagoon 
  1. ATV riding
  2. Dune buggys
  3. Jeep Willys Jungle Track
  4. Bike tour
  5. Segway rides
  6. Ride jet skiis
  7. Flyboarding
  8. Lost Mayan Kingdom water park
  9. Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve
  10. Mahahual Lighthouse
  11. Parque Nacional de Arrecifes
  12. Chacchoben (Mayan ruins)
  13. Kohunlich (Mayan ruins)
  14. Dzibanche (Mayan ruins)
  15. Bacalar Fort
  16. Mayan Temazcal Ceremony

Eating in Othon Blanco
(Consigue Algo de Comida)

There is a decent selection of places to eat in Othon Blanco (Costa Maya) so you have options. There are places to eat within the port area but I suggest getting something more local and authentic. Here are some of the top restaurants: 

  1. Maramao
  2. Cantina Latina
  3. Pizza Papi
  4. Jaime’s at the blue reef
  5. Ibiza Sunset
  6. The Krazy Lobster
  1. Nohoch Kay Beach Club
  2. Pitaua Beach Club Restaurant
  3. Blue Kay Restaurante
  4. Yaya Beach Bar & Restaurant
  5. Nam Nam
  6. Antonio’s

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