September 29, 2022
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Budgeting Calculator

Budgeting Calculator

We all like to budget and know how much money we will need for our upcoming vacations. Sometimes in the excitement of planning your cruise and budgeting for everything, you may forget to budget for a certain item then you’ll be shocked when you have to pay that amount. 

I’ve come up with this list to help you budget for your cruise. Simply fill in each field with the dollar amount (no cents) that you plan to spend on each item. If you don’t need a certain line item, you can skip it. Then at the end, it will tell you how much you need to budget for your cruise. In general, it’s best to add about 10% to the final number.


I highly recommend 

You can input all of the riders and exclusions you need for you and your family, then compare policies side by side to see which is the best option for you.  

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