September 21, 2021
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15th Anniversary trip

When we cruise we always take the kids with us. In fact, we take the kids with us everywhere we go. I don’t understand how some parents always leave their kids behind when they go places. Your kids are your family!

That being said, my wife and I have not gone anywhere alone without our kids in 15 years with the exception of a concert trip here and there but that’s no longer than 2 days. We figured after 15 years we deserved a vacation with just us. Besides, we took the kids cruising last month.

We were originally going to go to San Francisco but the cost of flights there cost more than the cruise alone, so we decided to hit the waters once again.

We booked this cruise on October 10th, 2017 directly through Carnival (we will not use travel agents) and booked an ocean view room. On October 11th I shot my PVP an email and told her to go ahead and upgrade us to a balcony, which she did.

Finally on December 13th dates opened up on Southwest so we could book our flights. We thought we were content with what we had, so we were just going to wait until time to go on vacation at this point.

However, on March 7th I decided to surprise the wifey and upgrade so I shot my PVP another email to upgrade us to an ocean suite. That was great, we were in a suite!! Now we’re content until the trip, I think.

If you know me, you know I am never content. While we were on vacation in Luray on June 22nd, I got an email from the upsell fairy at Carnival wanting me to upgrade to the Captain’s Suite at a reduced rate. However we didn’t have a cell signal so I was late responding to this email. When I finally was able to respond, the Captain’s Suite was taken.

However I was offered the Grand Suite, so I jumped on it. After all, it’s our anniversary and it was just us so. The total difference in price between the original booking of the ocean view to the Grand Suite was only $863.16 so not a bad price to move up. 

Finally everything is booked, including flights, overnight accommodations, car rental, things in port, etc. Now we sit and wait until we leave for vacation.

The beauty about a blog is, you fast forward. 😉 The time is here, it’s time to go on vacation. We’re ready!! Are you? Follow along by clicking the tile below.

15th Anniversary Trip – Ft. Lauderdale


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